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Drug candidate for Corona

A Swedish group including Anders Milton, doctor and former chairman and CEO of the Swedish Medical Association and Johan de Faire, chemist, Jan Ståhlberg (founder of Trill Impact and former vice CEO of EQT) and Per Berglund (founder of Nordiska Kreditmarknadsbolaget) are included.

The group is working on a preparation that is hoped to quickly reduce the viral load of coronavirus infected (covid-19).

A probiotic has been reinforced with zinc, a necessary trace metal and known inhibitor of this virus type. In this form, zinc can enter the host cell of the virus and prevent the cell from dividing. Infection cannot then spread, the symptoms subside and the recovery progresses quickly.

The group now intends to conduct a clinical study on a limited number of coronary-infected patients to confirm the effects and results of virus infections on animals. Chemist Johan de Faire, who has a past as production and development manager at Pharmacia, has in recent decades worked with the current probiotics technology. – In our research, we have devised a method where we can program the probiotic – the bacterial culture – for different purposes – and in this case to transport zinc into the body’s cells, says Johan de Faire.

If zinc is transported into the body’s cells, it can prevent the virus from spreading. To verify that the probiotic that transports zinc into the body’s cells really has the desired effect on those affected by the coronavirus, the goal is to conduct a smaller study on 20 affected patients who would not otherwise receive any treatment. Ten receive the probiotic and ten receive placebo. – We have nothing to lose. The probiotic solution looks promising.

Not least because there are studies suggesting that the probiotic can transport zinc into the body, which can attenuate the effect of the corona virus, says Anders Milton, physician and former chairman and CEO of the Swedish Medical Association.

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