The scientific background:

Anoroc – Mechanism of action

Anoroc is a probiotic / prebiotic preparation with a zinc ionophore that is known to contribute to normal functions of the immune system and protection of cells against oxidative stress as well as an inhibitor of proliferation enzymes by virally infected cells1).

A co-existing consortium of bacterial and yeast strains harvested directly from Nature, ie non-GMO, constitutes the probiotic functions that interact with the lymphoid immune system at Peyer’s Patches in the ileum. Prebiotic functions come from stabilized rice bran, an ingredient used in the fermentation process, and this fiber stabilizes the microbiome in the colon2).

Products based on the technology have been used as feed supplements in animal breeding since the 1970s. Also as a dietary supplement for people suffering from chronic and autoimmune inflammatory conditions in the intestinal system for 20 years3).

T cells in the Peyer’s Patches interface are likely to pick up the virus after an attack, transferring the virus sequence to THelper cells that take it to lymph nodes for amplification. Stem cells are programmed into BMemory cells that produce unique antibodies to the virus. The antibody may be short-lived, but the BMemory cell lives on and produces new antibodies at the next virus attack.

A known inhibitor, zinc-based, of multiplication enzymes for virally infected cells added to the fermentation process of the probiotic / prebiotic preparation, forms an ionophore with secreted hormones, vitamin A. CD molecules on the cell surface of infected cells respond to this ionophore by opening channels into the cell. Zinc ion changes the configuration of RNA polymerase and deactivates the enzyme – mitosis will not occur. Studies show that the zinc ionophore identifies both pulmonary tuberculosis4 and rotavirus infections5).

Infected cells cannot proliferate but they will live their life cycle. When they die and burst, circulating antibodies will bind to and neutralize / destroy the virus before it finds a new host cell – the infection dies out.

The bass substance in Anoroc has been used by people for 20 years without any negative side effects.

Furthermore, Anoroc is a registered dietary supplement.